Volunteer 2017-06-27T05:07:23+00:00
How long am I volunteering for? 2017-06-27T05:02:17+00:00

People give their time when they can. Most people volunteer for the same events each year but we if you can spare even a few hours throughout the year – you are welcome!

What am I volunteering for? 2017-06-27T05:01:05+00:00

We have a series of fundraising events in Dundalk during the year. We need help with organising those events with marshalls, collectors, sign writers, coffee makers etc. Nothing too strenious and there will be lots of other people to show you what to do.

Why become a Volunteer? 2017-06-27T04:59:15+00:00

We need all the help we can get – our organisation is 100% operated by volunteers from Dundalk from people who have been affected by suicide in one way or another.